Benefits of the 2012 Short Sale


Distressed homeowners can benefit in many ways by short selling their homes before the end of 2012.

An alternative to avoid foreclosure is a Short Sale.  Most homeowners don’t know of this alternative and go through with the agony of a foreclosure.  With a short sale, qualified homeowners can receive $3,000.00, under the HAFA program, to help you with the moving expenses. Also, the effect on your credit is less harmful than a foreclosure, giving you the opportunity to restore your credit quickly.

Additionally, there is a tax relief offered by the government for homes sold in short sale before December 31, 2012. If sold before then, the amount forgiven by the bank will not be considered taxable income. Banks are also offering some struggling homeowners incentives if they sell their homes in short sale, paying up to $35,000! The process must be started before the end of 2012, so if you are interested you should contact us right away.

If you are in foreclosure and want to benefit from the above mentioned programs, Atlantic Grand Realty can help YOU. Our services are paid by your bank, making it free to you! We have cash investors looking to invest in Florida, so we can quickly sell your home.

Call us at (954) 588-1826 to get you started or send us an email as well at

Time is running out though, so act quickly!

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