Investor FAQs


How Do I Make Sure My Florida Real Estate Investment Is Safe?

At Atlantic Grand Realty, LLC we specialize in getting the most ROI for your investment properties in Florida. We will guide you and make sure you’re getting the best return on investment.  Our clients are very important to us and we won’t let you purchase something that we wouldn’t purchase ourselves.


What’s The Best Kind Of Florida Real Estate Property To Buy?

The best type of Florida real estate investment is the one that will give you the most return in the shortest amount of time. We scout for the best Florida real estate deals possible for you that give you a nice ROI and will appreciate with time. Any property that fits this description would be the best option for you to purchase.


I Don’t Live In Florida, How Will I Manage, Flip/Rehab Properties From Abroad?

We are a team of experienced and trustworthy real estate professionals who are here to service ALL of your Florida real estate investing needs. From buying the right Florida investment, to fixing it up, renting it out all the way to flipping it for a nice return. Making it stress free real estate investing for you!


I Am Currently Not A Us Citizen, Can I Purchase Florida Real Estate In The Us?

Definitely! There are new laws which allow non-permanent resident aliens to purchase real estate investments in the US. We can set you up with our trusted immigration lawyers and accountants who can help you take the necessary steps to get you started with your Florida Real Estate Investing.


I Am A First Time Florida Real Estate Investor, Where Do I Start?

Don’t know where to begin? You came to the right place. At Atlantic Grand Realty, we make Florida real estate investing a breeze. We have you covered and are here to help and support you throughout your investing process, from beginning to end. Give us a call and start investing in Florida Real estate today! Contact us at (954) 588 1826 or shoot us an email at

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